LOS ANGELES: GREG NORMAN DIVORCE: FBI agent Peter Norell tried to shake down former Norman partner during divorce proceedings

GOLFER GREG NORMAN’S DIVORCE: The Associated Press is reporting that former FBI agent Peter Norell tried to bully a former partner of Greg Norman’s during Norman’s divorce proceedings. According to Golf.com:

In 2006, Norell used an FBI phone to tell Takefman to “keep (his) mouth shut” and stay out of Norman’s “high-stakes (and entirely private) divorce,” the document said. He contacted Takefman on behalf of a friend who knew the golfer.

Norell made a mistake by contacting Takefman in a two-minute phone call, Norell’s lawyer Thomas McConville said in court papers. He noted that others described Takefman as an irate individual who had threatened to “get” Norman and “harassed” the golfer.

Norell is facing about six months in prison on unrelated charges that involved trying to bully someone else on behalf of a friend and using FBI information to bolster his  bluff.