ENGLAND: Will BP CEO Tony Hayward's wife Maureen seek a divorce to keep her family safe?

LONDON: Tony Hayward, the cost-cutting CEO of beleaguered British Petroleum is in the hot seat not only because of the devastating oil spill that now has been dubbed the biggest such disaster in U.S. history, but also because of his gaffes in the press such as “I want my life back” and “the environmental impact on the disaster is likely to be very, very modest.”
Things are so bad that not only has president Obama totally turned on Hayward and his company, but his wife Maureen and his children back in Kent, England, have been receiving hate mail and death threats as well and she has expressed that she is very scared for her and the children’s safety. According to the UK Daily Mail:

His comments will increase the pressure on Mr Hayward whose family are living in fear of reprisals over the spill after receiving threatening phone calls at their home. Police have launched a security operation to protect Mr Hayward’s wife Maureen and their two children at their isolated £1million home in rural Kent. Mrs Hayward said the family had received several threatening phone calls and hate mail claiming to be from environmental groups. She said one letter purported to be from Greenpeace, although Greenpeace strongly denied sending any letters to the family. Mrs Hayward said the abuse had been ‘upsetting’ and left them feeling ‘rather uncomfortable’, particularly with her husband thousands of miles away.
Obviously, this is a very serious matter. One is left to ponder what the impact will be for BP’s CEO and his family. Will have wife be forced to leave the marriage just to stay safe? Will she have to disassociate herself from him and the company? Maybe even change her name and that of the kids? Or is that all too alarmist and hysterical? It is ironic that Tony said he “wanted his life back” because on a serious level, it is questionable whether he will ever get it back. When this oil slick gets cleaned up (if ever) he may find himself a man living alone in his million dollar home in rural Kent.
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