PERU: How to get a speedy Peruvian divorce

Peru has been “overheating” lately but bank President Julio Valarde doesn’t think so. At the Bloomberg Peru Economic Summit in Lima today, he denies that the Peruvian economy is anything but just fine.
We got to thinking about Peru on account of the Joran Van Der Sloot story. Of course, being that this is a divorce blog, our approach is always from the angle of divorce. And so we did a bit of research and learned of this change in Peruvian divorce laws (which infuriated the Catholic Church, btw) that allows for “speedy” divorces in Peru.
First of all, the 2008 change in the law allows married people to file for divorce using the services of a notary or municipality; no need to go to the Justice Palace was was previously required. They can even do the divorce themselves. The grounds are proven adultery, spousal abuse and mutual agreement. But this could take years to be adjudicated.
What the speedy divorce laws do, is it adds another layer for Peruvian women to obtain a divorce without the husband’s consent in as little as 3 months.What is funny about the whole thing, is that based on our reading, there is nothing “speedy” about divorce in Peru at all. It seems that in order to get a speedy divorce, a petitioner has to show that he or she has been separated for two years. The only great thing is, no need to prove “residency” “grounds” “service” or even to get an attorney and spend big bucks. Once a petitioner can prove at least a two year separation/abandonment, a divorce is presumed fait accomplis.