Karenna Gore separates from Andrew Schiff?!? First Kristin, then Al/Tipper, now this? WTF is going on?!

Is there something in the water? This is the question posed by Politics Daily following the announcement that yet another Gore, this time eldest daughter Karenna is separating from her husband, a medical doctor. This is the fourth member of Al Gore’s family (Kristin, Al, Tipper) to announce a divorce in a short span of time (and doesn’t the son have a history of substance abuse?)
The Columbia Law School graduate and her biomedical engineer hubby had three kids who will be affected by this marital implosion. Karenna and Andrew have, apparently, been in counseling for some time, so, to be fair, they have been trying to save the union.
And this is not an outright divorce. Just a separation. Big difference.
Big Question: Could all these Gore splits be a big publicity stunt/hoax? Is somebody in the Gore family planning to do something public that required a huge amount of PR and publicity? Otherwise, this is just weird happenstance how all their marriages are cracking up at the same time. Nobody’s entire extended family can possibly be this dysfunctional.