NEVADA: Governor Jim Gibbons’ divorce may have cost him re-election – he’s beaten by Judge Brian Sandoval

It’s game over for Governor Jim Gibbons of Nevada.
Did Governor Jim Gibbons’ acrimonious divorce cost him the re-election to the governor’s mansion? Many think so. The Governor lost his bid in a campaign that saw him trailing in the polls to former judge Brian Sandoval. The Associated Press cites his messy divorce and his tax policies as two of the reasons for his undoing. Governor Gibbons famously described his wife Dawn as an “angry ferret in a phone booth” and was caught with 800 racy text messages on his government paid phone that were sent to a person of the female persuasion who was not his wife. But he thinks he made up for it by firing an aide who called his wife “window dressing.” No, Jim, no. You did not make up for it. The people of Nevada have spoken. You and your coterie of friends and lovers can take a hike. You are unfit to govern.