Now for the gory details of the Gore Family Divorces

Al Gore’s daughter Karenna has caught the highly contagious divorce virus from her parents who caught if from daughter Kristin after she filed for divorce from John Cusack(?) last year. Now this divorce¬†blog’s traffic has exploded since we posted the news that Karenna is also getting divorced. Now for the gory details:
Well, there are none. Every single case in this family has been handled in an environmentally friendly way. But is there some “inconvenient truth” we should know about the Gores? Are they just actors? Were they all miserable as hell even though they pretended to be so happy? Have every single member of the Gore family been living a lie?
This virus has to be contained so that it doesn’t spread to other high profile marriages such as….Lieberman? What if he dumped his lovely wife? It could happen! Somebody, come up with a cure, some kind of prophylactic! fast!