Is P.Diddy a bad father for buying a Maybach for his 16 yr old son’s birthday gift and having children out of wedlock?

Fashion/Music/J.lo’s ex, P.Diddy, (Sean Combs) recently came under fire in an interview with Martin Bashir for Nightline. Diddy’s been out stomping for his new movie, Get Him To the Greek, and he did a sit down with Bashir which I have not seen; but I’ve been reading a bit of press about the interview and it appears that Bashir tried to imply that P.Diddy was a bad father for buying his child a $400,000 Maybach as a birthday present. Presumably, the implication is that the car is overly indulgent and will spoil the child and fail to instill any real values worth learning about life. Plus, Bashir apparently hinted that the fact that Mr. Combs had six children with multiple women, that he does not have physical custody of these kids (and Diddy has said that he doesn’t see them as much as he would like but he claims they go to the best schools) that it somehow makes Diddy a sort of persona non grata.
Hme….well, look, at least nobody can say Mr. Combs married and cheated on his wife. Nobody can say he doesn’t take marriage seriously. Nobody can see he’s a serial divorcé. He probably takes marriage too seriously to enter it if he’s not totally in love and committed for the long haul. That is commendable. Better to stay unmarried than to treat marriage in a less than sacred way. If a person feels they can’t give marriage the respect it deserves to stick with it no matter what, I think they are honorable and smart to stay unmarried.
As for Combs’ fathering skills, admittedly the car was extravagant. But is he the only rich dad who over-indulges his kids? I strongly doubt it. Why isn’t Bashir doing interviews with these other rich dads and judging them the way he is with Diddy?
I have to say I never liked Martin Bashir. He is condescending and he sets people up. He is conniving, under-handed and unfeeling. He is an emotional terrorist and I came to that conclusion after the Michael Jackson interview he did a few years ago. He set Michael Jackson up and it wasn’t cool. So I lost respect for him. That is not to say I agree with parents buying $400,000 cars for their 16 year old. I don’t. And as I said, I did not see the interview. So I am going by hearsay. But definitely I don’t like Martin Bashir. And while I personally wouldn’t do something as tacky as buy a $400,000 car for my sixteen year old to show off in like a nouveau riche not used to anything, I also don’t think it’s anybody’s business to tell another parent they can’t do it, or to judge the other parent.
Look, personally, if you ask me, I think buying the Maybach was just as ridiculous as parents allowing their 16 year old to go sail around the world unchaperoned like Abby Sunderland’s parents did. I wouldn’t personally do it. I don’t personally think it is responsible parenting. I would draw the line somewhere and some parents draw their lines, if at all, much further out than I would. But do I have the right to judge and condemn a parent for  “giving their kids what their kids want?” I don’t think so. And neither does Martin Bashir.