Charlie Sheen signs divorce papers with Brooke Mueller…is he and Denise Richards getting back together?

Personally, I’ve never believed Charlie Sheen was ever over Denise Richards. I think he loves her and always will love her and he hooked up with Brooke on the rebound. I think after he hooked up with Brooke, Denise came to her senses and realized she really loved Charlie and I think she was a bit jealous of Brooke. Charlie will return to Denise. In the meantime, TMZ is reporting that Charle and Brooke signed divorce papers which have not been filed. In the agreement, Charlie agrees never to pay Brooke less than he pays Denise for child support. He agrees to cut Brooke a check for $55,000 to support their twins Bob and Max and he also agrees to joint legal custody of the boys. They have mutual gag order not to badmouth each other in the press or in front of the kids. I’m guessing those papers will be signed before Charlie goes off in a paddy wagon to do time in jail for asaulting Brooke last Christmas. I opine that he and Denise will be shacking up by Christmas.