NEW YORK: Legislators get a step closer to signing a no fault divorce bill

New York Times is reporting that New York, the state that is the last bastion of fault divorce, may be in for a change of heart. Legislators on both sides have signed a bill that purportedly will end combative fault trials in the state, and instead allow couples to simply agree to part on irreconcilable differences. The Times:

 The State Senate on Tuesday, clearing aside decades of opposition, put New York on a course to adopt no-fault divorce — the last state to do so. It approved legislation that would permit couples to separate by mutual consent, a major shift with sweeping implications for families and lawyers.

Needless to say, opponents such as some women’s groups and the Catholic Church are not happy about this. But most people concur that it is probably the right thing to do. Still, it is not a done deal. The State assembly could reject the proposal and barring that, Governor Patterson could veto the law. Time will tell how this plays out.