CALIFORNIA: Politicians in California are seeking to stop wives who unsuccessfully hire hitmen to kill their husbands from then benefiting in a divorce

Uk Telegraph and Family Lore brought my attention to a proposal in California to keep spouses who hire hit men to murder each other from benefiting from the divorce (assets, insurance). The proposal stems from the case involving California detective John Pomroy. His loving wife had hired some gang members to pop him off and after she served her time she was able to collect about 50% of the divorce assets. Thankfully, the gang members did not kill Mr. Pomroy. Then contacted the authorities instead but nevertheless, Mr. Pomroy was unhappy with the fact that his wife, after serving a year in prison, was able to come out and collect on the settlement. Current law in California is that if the spouse kills the other, said spouse cannot collect; however if the spouse hires a third party to kill his/her spouse, then said spouse can collect after serving time. Obviously, this loop hole is a problem and needs to be closed and the state is working on it, which is great.