EGYPT: Egyptian govt prepares new marriage and divorce laws for non-Muslims

Reuters is reporting some proposed changes coming down the pike in Egyptian marriage and divorce law. At current, the laws are predominated by Islamic law and even non-Muslims are subjected to Islamic law. For example, according to a Reuters report, if a Copt man divorced his wife, according to Islamic law, he is allowed to remarry. This is direct contradiction to Coptic Orthodoxy which prohibits remarriage for divorced women except in the case of adultery.
The change in law follows social uproar in Egypt last week after the court allowed two Coptic men to remarry under the Islamic modality, even though such a marriage is verboten pursuant to the Coptic Orthodox Church. Pope Shenouda of the Coptic Orthodox Church is not happy about the situation at all. So some changes to the law that would better respect Coptic culture are in the works.
Says Reuters:

Egypt will draft a new law to govern marriage and divorce for non-Muslims, a state newspaper reported, a move analysts see as an attempt to contain anger after a court overruled the Coptic Orthodox Church last month.Egypt’s Coptic church has long called for changes to the country’s personal status laws, which say Islamic rules on marriage and divorce prevail except in cases where both husband and wife are non-Muslims and from the same religious denomination. Under the current law, for instance, a Catholic husband with a Coptic wife could be subject to Islamic law.

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