Laurie David slams reports of affair with Al Gore – she did not cause his divorce

Was Al Gore having an affair with environmentalist and activist Laurie David? The gossip magazines seem to think so and the New York Daily News did a story about the rumors yesterday. But it was interesting to note that the DN also suggests that Al may have been having a “gay affair.” That seems slightly preposterous to be quite honest. Not that he couldn’t be gay. He just seems very straight, very masculine. I mean, this idea of him cavorting with a man is so ridiculous it makes me laugh, it’s total comedy. I mean, is there nothing sacred? As for Laurie, she vehemently denies any wrong-doing. And frankly, if Al were going to divorce the mother of his children after 40 years of marriage, one would hope he’d get a younger, hotter Babe than Laurie. Not that she’s ugly. But she’s not better than Tipper.