With an IPO scheduled for June 29, 2010, what will a "billionaire" Elon Musk mean for his soon to be ex wife Justine Musk?

According to the Wall Street Journal, electric car maker Elon Musk is poised to take his company Tesla Motors public in a couple of weeks. The IPO is anticipated to have all the glamour and hooplah of the Academy Awards–presumably that will mean lots of bubbly and tons of parties with scantily clad babes. If all goes well with the IPO, the deal is expected to turn a fledgling start-up (they project net losses till 2012), into a billion dollar company, and Mr. Musk’s equity stake is $400 million, plus a $21 million cash out.
This is just Tesla. He also owns Space X (had a successful launch just a week ago) and a bunch of other successful ventures. (He’s brainy, that one.)
And this guy had the temerity to tell the California divorce court that he’s too broke to pay his wife a decent settlement. She is smart to ask for not only cash, but equity in these companies. Wonder how she pays her divorce lawyer? In cash? Or equity? If I were her lawyer, I’d insist on cash. Notwithstanding how bullish everyone is on Elon and his IPOs, there’s still a lot of risk. For example, the WSJ talks about the fact that the price per share for the IPO is expected to fetch about $16 per share up from a high of $9.00 just a few months back. But this is the stock market we are talking about. Anything can happen. I would ask for my retainer in cold, hard, cash.
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