ENGLAND: Gareth Jones's ex-wife challenges £5m divorce payout as 'simply not enough'

ENGLAND: Yet another British trophy wife challenges her divorce settlement. (Elon Musk better think it over carefully before marrying his British girlfriend!) According to the UK Telegraph, gas and oil tycoon Gareth Jones’ wife Victoria wants to take him further down the cleaners. She is appealing her divorce settlement claiming he’s been less than frank about his finances at the time of their settlement. She only received 5 million of their 25 million pound net worth. Her lawyer is arguing that the lion share of the net worth was marital property and so Mrs. Jones should have gotten closer to 11 million pounds. The Telegraph reports in part:

Victoria Jones, 44, has been granted permission to contest the payout from her former husband Gareth at the Court of Appeal after three judges were told it did not truly reflect the “pot of gold” he had amassed.
But lawyers for Mr Jones, 58, insist that the settlement is fair following a “troubled” 10-year marriage.
They argue that Mrs Jones had always given the impression of being independently wealthy with a wardrobe of designer clothes and a taste for expensive cars.
She now lives in an imposing modern pillared house in a private estate in Gerrards Cross, Bucks, with a collection of Porsche, Mercedes and Range Rover sports cars, each with personalised number plates, parked outside.

No court date for the appeal has yet been set.