Hedge fund manager Alexander Roepers and glam wife file for divorce

Are hedge funders more predisposed to getting divorced? It seems every time you turn around, another hedge fund guru’s marriage is going belly up. Here’s the ever informative New York Post on the issue:
Hedge-fund star Alexander Roepers has split with his glamorous, jet-setting wife, Shafi. Roepers, 51, founder of Atlantic Investment Management, filed for divorce in April, court records show. They have three kids. During their 20-year marriage, Shafi, 46, was famous for lavish shopping sprees, dressing in Valentino and shuttling her pals for getaways aboard the “Shafi Express,” a Gulfstream IV jet. The Roepers own a six-bedroom Upper East Side apartment. Shafi couldn’t be reached. A woman at her husband’s office said he was traveling and couldn’t comment.
Wonder how much equitable distribution is at stake? Will she want her own gulf stream jet as part of her divorce settlement?