Diandra Douglas tries to muscle 50% of ex-husband Michael Douglas's salary for Wall Street 2

“Greed is good,” proclaimed Michael Douglas in the movie Wall Street, and it seems his wife Diandra took him seriously when he said that. More than 10 years after the couple’s divorce, the former Mrs. Douglas is seeking 50% of any salary that her husband received for making the sequel to his hit 80’s flick. And she’s doing it with a straight face. The argument is that their divorce settlement calls for her to receive 50% of any spin-offs of any movie he made during their marriage.
The former missus brought suit in New York County. Mr. Douglas and his lawyers are challenging jurisdiction and the judge, according to the New York Post, is deliberating to figure out if he should “keep jurisdiction.” Unless there is a clause is their settlement that says California has exclusive jurisdiction, however, it is unlikely that this case will be kicked back to LA.
This is an interesting court fight and it really will come down to the definition of “spin off” and “sequel.” Mr. Douglases legal team is arguing that the settlement calls for him to share revenues from spin offs, not sequels. And they further argue that there are more than semantic differences between the two.
Is Wall Street 2 a sequel or a spin off of Wall Street? That is the question. And it is a good question. There is a grey area there. Arguably, it is both a sequel and a spin off….she probably has Michael by the balls on this one.
Whatever the answer, that was cunning of Diandra to sit back and allow Michael to make the movie and then pounce on it like a greedy jackal, wasn’t it? Wonder what Catherine Zeta Jones thinks about this? She probably thinks Diandra is a conniving, under-handed beyatch,eh? šŸ™‚