Does Mel Gibson regret his divorce? And what's up with the restraining orders he and Oksana filed?

His divorce from wife of 30 years Robyn is not even final but Mel Gibson is already split from the new woman, Oksana Grigorieva. His post-matrimony hook up lasted only a year. Now, the actor and the Russian temptress are so enraged with each other, they have both filed restraining orders against each other according to sources at TMZ.  Oksana accuses him of violence. He wants a gag order imposed on her and he wants to see his daughter.
Robyn must be smiling that Mona Lisa smile to herself. She probably knew all along the fling would just end up a fling and that nothing would come of it. How come Oksana got pregnant so quickly though? Hasn’t she heard of birth control? Was this an accident? Or did she calculate the child support checks when she accidentally forgot to take appropriate and adequate precautions?