Is Al Gore and Tipper Gore getting a fake divorce to protect assets from creditors and masseuses?

Could Al and Tipper Gore be pulling a fast one by announcing a divorce after 40 years of marriage? Something is fishy about the whole thing. People in the public eye who have been married as long as the Gores don’t just get up and get divorced. Could this be a fake divorce to protect their assets? ¬†The New York Post came up with some interesting information a couple of days back:

Buying an $8.8 million California mansion months before announcing their divorce wasn’t the only puzzling real-estate transaction for the Gores. A month after snagging the Montecito estate in October 2009, Al and Tipper Gore transferred nine properties in Carthage, Tenn., from their own names into a limited liability company.The transfer on Nov. 30, 2009, came after an Oregon masseuse lodged a January 2009 police complaint accusing the former vice president of sexual abuse. The woman claims Gore came on to her like a “crazed sex poodle.”¬†Experts say that transferring property is usually a way to protect assets from legal claims. The Gores bought the California estate through a trust, which can be another way to shield assets, said Manhattan divorce lawyer Sherri Donovan.

What do you think is really going on here?