FLORIDA: Susan Truitt, wife of doctor Timothy Truitt, files for divorce from her hospital bed – he's in jail for attempted murder of her

A doctor in an upscale gated Florida community is incarcerated and charged with the attempted murder of his wife. Dr. Timothy Truitt is accused of almost murdering his wife Susan Truitt without provocation. She has since filed for divorce even though she’s still convalescing in the hospital. Floridatoday.com:

Susan Truitt, 55, filed for divorce Monday, less than a week after she obtained a temporary restraining order claiming her husband attacked her “without provocation” June 16.¬†According to the injunction and five-page divorce petition, Truitt repeatedly hit her and bashed her head against the floor during an “unprovoked” attack inside their Lansing Island home. Investigators said Timothy Truitt told them he was in another room of the couple’s 4,389-square-foot riverfront house when he heard his dogs barking. The MIMA doctor of internal medicine said he found his wife and ran to a neighbor’s house to call police.

Seems the doctor was having financial problems and other legal issues such an arrest earlier this year for drunken driving (charges were reduced to reckless driving under a plea agreement according to published reports). Still, it’s always shocking and disheartening to know that even when you marry so called “upstanding citizens” like doctors and the like, they can still murder you, beat you to a pulp and cause you to live in fear and endangerment. Which is why I think I’ll just go the solo route. It’s just too much to worry about when you marry. And these folks were together more than two decades. So its not like he’s someone she didn’t know well enough. It’s almost as if you never really know anyone well enough. Anyone can turn on you at any time and murder you or hurt you physically and emotionally to the point of disfigurement. It’s a big chance you take. You never know if and when you lose the bet. But seriously, if you can’t trust a doctor who the hell can you trust?