Stephanie Seymour divorce -latest updates: She accuses the nanny of spying for husband Peter Brant

The Post ran a report a couple of days back about the ongoing fight between supermodel Stephanie Seymour and her billionaire husband Peter Brant. First of all, Stephanie is allegedly in deep coo coo for failing to submit to a drug/sobriety test that was court ordered. This could cost her custody of her three pre-pubescent children if she’s not careful. Husband Peter is making her sobriety an issue and he wants custody; interesting….
But more interesting, I think, is Stephanie’s proclamation that her husband is, or, was, using a nanny, Cora Driv, as a spy. Stephanie, according to the Post, told the court that Cora wrote up notes of what was going on in Stephanie’s house and gave the information to Peter. Then Cora up and quit being Stephanie’s nanny and days later, she turned up working as a nanny for Peter. Stephanie, understandably, is unhappy about that…wonder what Cora looks like? It’s not as if Peter think she’s cute and is trying to make Stephanie jealous, is it? Or was the nanny jealous of Stephanie all these years and jumped at the chance to sock it to her former (more beautiful) boss?
It is so important to be nice to the nanny. They can really make or break your divorce settlement sometimes. We did a couple of nanny posts in 2008 when we first started this blog and they are still germane today. Check them out here and here.  Poor Stephanie. If the nanny saw her abuse drugs or alcohol, this could literally be the nail in the coffin as far as custody of her kids is concerned. She probably should have been nicer to her nannies. They would have been more loyal now.