Molly Hagerty, 54, may have been a factor in Al Gore's divorce

The Masseuse who has accused Al Gore of sexual impropriety is Molly Hagerty, a 54 year old Oregonian. She reportedly wanted big bucks for her story to the Enquirer. My bet is, Tipper got tipped off that this thing was going to blow and she ran for cover by first of all, getting Al to put all the assets in an irrevocable trust, and then asking for a divorce. Now that police have re-opened the case, one can only guess at what new evidence they have amassed against the former politician. How could a man of such seeming intelligence get himself into a filthy mess such as this? The irony is, sex was probably involved and she probably did have a dress that has all the DNA saved up. But my hunch is, this was consensual between two old fogies and other than the infidelity to Tipper, nothing occurred here that warrants a criminal investigation. Unless, of course, he paid for the sex in interstate commerce or something. That could be problematic. Interstate sex for pay. Which is vile. But I doubt that happened. They likely had a romp like two adults in heat and that was that.
But Al is a damn idiot. I really expected more from him. What a damn fool. What a damn fool. How hard was it for him to get a blow up doll if he was feeling that much burning while on the road? Damn fool. All these guys are nothing but a bunch of damn fools. It’s embarrassing.