Tiger Woods gets interviewed by feds about his doctor Anthony Galea; divorce rumors still swirling

Divorce rumors continue to swirl for Tiger Woods (I’ll believe them when I see the actual divorce settlement on Radaronline) and now, there are reports that the FEDs are interviewing him about his doctor, Anthony Galea who is charged with inserting illegal drugs into interstate commerce. (That was an awkward way to put it but I’m semantically challenged at the moment.) Here is what Tiger’s doctor is being charged with:

Canadian authorities in October charged Galea, with selling Actovegin, conspiracy to import an unapproved drug, conspiracy to export a drug and smuggling. A May 18 U.S. criminal complaint charged him with conspiracy, smuggling, distributing human growth hormone and introducing an unapproved drug into interstate commerce.

So now, in addition to the stress of dealing with what some claim is a highly charged situation with his soon to be ex wife Elin, Tiger has to sit down with the FBI and DEA and discuss his doctor and tell whether he received performance enhancing drugs from this individual. Sure doesn’t sound like it’s a whole lot of fun being Tiger Woods right now, even though he was photographed looking mighty happy with Bon Jovi at the opening ceremonies of the¬† National at Aronimink Golf Club in Newton Square, in Pennsylvania, just yesterday.