NEW YORK: Does Governor Patterson have the balls to veto the no-fault divorce bill?

What would Governor Patterson have to lose by vetoing the no-fault divorce bill approved by the state assembly last week? It’s not like he has to curry political favor. The political meritocracy and aristocracy in New York and even Washington have pretty much told him to get lost. Poor guy couldn’t even respectfully run a campaign. They muscled him into withdrawing from the race to make way for someone they feel is more “worthy” of election. Now, everyone’s lined up expecting him to sign this no-fault divorce bill. What if he doesn’t? What could they do to him? Does he even have the balls to find out? If I were in his place, I’d veto it. Not just to ruffle feathers. Not just for the press this would get.¬†But because it is the right thing to do. Divorce is too common-place in America. Folks need to be held to a higher accountability to their matrimonial vows–or just out-law marriage altogether. Because right now, it’s a mockery. It’s a travesty.