RUSSIA: Did accused spy Anna Kuschenko Chapman's espionage lead to her divorce from Brit hubby Alex

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Divorcee Anya ( “Anna”) Kuschenko Chapman, a native of Ukraine and Russian citizen, by all accounts is a beauty with a Masters Degree in Economics. The 28 year old’s sultry Facebook photo is the talk of the town. As is her alleged connection to a spy ring of KGB agents for the Soviet Union who have deeply penetrated the United States looking for high level financial information.  
Following Anna’s arrest (along with a bunch of others including a CUNY professor) on charges of espionage, her ex husband, a Brit named Alex Chapman ( the wealthy son of a retail executive) told investigators that it was Anna’s behavior following her induction as a KGB agent that led to their divorce. The two met in a London nightclub and were married months later and honeymooned in Egypt on her daddy’s dime (daddy was allegedly a KGB agent himself by the name of Vasily Kuschenko); but according to Alex, once Anna took up spying, her personality changed completely and it was like she was having a “mid-life crisis at 20.”
Post-divorce, Anna traveled extensively and worked for some of the world’s biggest companies including Barclay’s Bank, NetJets, and Navigator Asset Management where she hobnobbed with the global elite. She wound up living in a “flashy” apartment in New York’s tony Financial District. 
Anna’s in big trouble and her affluent former husband and current boyfriend cannot aide her with this one. She is facing, and will likely be convicted of, serious charges brought by assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Farbiarz who, according to New York Daily News, “described the evidence against Chapman – a sophisticated agent of Russia – as ‘devastating.'”
According to AOL, the divorcee’s photographs are now used to train U.S. Marines in counter-intelligence operatives:

Even the U.S. Marines are gazing at Chapman’s coy photos, but what’s surprising is that they’re doing it as part of their training. The Washington Post reports U.S. security officers are showing Chapman’s mug to Marines as part of a cautionary tale about beautiful women who might be spies. “Her pictures are now part of our [counterintelligence] awareness briefs,” an unidentified security officer told the Post. “So that when we tell the youngsters to beware of the beauties in foreign countries, we’re not just blowing smoke.”

Anna had seemingly become totally Americanized, post-Divorce. She’s been dating a “deep-pocketed” divorced dad by the name of Michel Bittan, a 60 year old NJ entrepreneur was actually born in Casablanca and moved to the U.S. to seek his fortune, according to New York Daily News. Chances are he will distance himself from the comely divorcee as he is unlikely to risk his business for this situation. But all her friends are reportedly shocked by these developments and many believe that Anna has been framed and that she is innocent. Could she be innocent? Says the Daily News:

She also shopped at Barnes & Noble and drank coffee at Starbucks – two locations where FBI agentssay they caught her wirelessly transmitting information to Russian officials.
That operation unraveled Saturday after she accepted a fake passport from an undercover FBI agent, agreeing to pass it to another spy, court papers say.
She became suspicious after the meeting, made a flurry of phone calls home – and never showed for a final face-to-face with the undercover, prosecutors charged.
Instead, she went to the 1st Precinct stationhouse to say a man approached her and forced the bogus document on her. The FBI showed up and arrested her.
Her lawyer, Robert Baum, says that shows she’s no spy.
“She was frightened by the encounter, and took the passport to the police and turned it in. That highlights her innocence,” he said.