IRAN: Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, Mother of 2, convicted to death by stoning for adultery

IRAN Did Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani commit adultery? The Iranian government thinks so and they have sentenced her to death by stoning. This practice is particularly barbaric and could be an international human rights embarrassment for Iran. Says AOL:

Under Sharia law in Iran, a woman’s death by stoning involves being buried up to the neck and having stones hurled at her head. The law even specifies the size of the stones: not so big that the victim dies quickly, but not so small that death takes an inordinately long time.
Sakineh received a sentence of 99 lashes after her conviction for adultery in 2006. Her lawyer said she was forced to confess to the adultery charge and has since retracted the confession. A further complication is that Sakineh speaks Turkish and does not understand Farsi.

How can any country seriously condone this nonsense? Adultery notwithstanding, (and for the record Sakineh said the allegations that she shagged two guys who were not her husbands are bogus) how do you murder someone in this inhumane manner just cause they allegedly had a little sex? It’s just sex, folks. As normal and as basic as life itself. This is a form of sexophobia that just is stupid. You tear someone’s head off with stones just because she got a little, tiny, orgasm? Are you serious? That is just ridiculous. I can’t bear how ridiculous and provincial this is. Enjoying a little bit of pleasure is not tantamount to getting your head blown off by stones….
Okay. I’m off to the gym. Someone better roll me out of this state before I blow up from over-eating. OMG. What if over-eating was a stoneable offense? I’d be in deep shit, I tell you. I’d be in deep shit.
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