Jake and Vienna's "divorce" may be a blessing in disguise for them both

Was Vienna unfaithful? Is Jake gay? Does Jake not like sleeping with girls? Is Jake a “Monster”? It may not matter what the answers are. This situation with Season 13(?) Bachelor contestants may end up being good for their bank accounts. Vienna will likely get offered the next Bachelorette position (ratings will soar) and Jake will pose for¬† some skin magazine like Playgirl. Plus, he’ll likely get his own reality show as well maybe on OWN (they’re looking for people)….
But it’s sad. Vienna was really into Jake. She claims that the main reason for their divorce is “constructive abandonment.” Jake literally stopped sleeping with her, claiming it was for religious reasons. What a lame excuse! But what is wrong with Vienna that Jake wouldn’t want to fornicate with her? Weird. What is wrong with Jake that he doesn’t want to fornicate with Vienna? Even weirder.
But they will both make out like bandits. They will get gigs from all this negative press. This whole mess is a blessing in disguise and they both probably know it. This was a smart divorce in more ways than one.