Christopher Gartin, a soon to be divorced actor, reportedly dating divorcee Jennifer Aniston

Not that it matters, but is Hollywood divorcee Jennifer Aniston dating divorce Christopher Gartin? And who is Christopher Gartin? Is he a good guy or an opportunist? Jennifer is very good at picking opportunists. She is definitely unlucky in love. Who is this guy? He is reportedly married to an events planner  named Joanne Gartin. She’s an events planner to the stars (Tori Spelling, Taye Diggs) and Mr and Mrs Gartin are about to file for divorce. Ms. Gartin is reportedly a friend of Ms. Aniston’s BFF Courtney Cox Arquette and it is Ms. Arquette who set up Gartin and Aniston.
Some media reports state frankly that Mr. Gartin and Ms. Aniston are just friends and are not romantically involved. But they were photographed lately on a hot date at a Los Angeles hotel sharing a burger and obviously, the should reasonably expect people to speculate about it, even though, if I know Jen well, she’s thinking, “this is none of your business!”
The paparazzi caught Ms. Aniston in poses like she was trying to hide. But why bring him out for a date at a hotel if the objective is to hide and be private? I love Jennifer like the next person but I think she sets herself up a lot. She has lovely house overlooking Los Angeles that was featured in Architectural Digest. It has a great kitchen and wine bar. She could have cooked him dinner quietly in her back yard and served him Verve Cliquot Rose right at home. Nobody has to know anything. Why parade him out at the Sunset Tower Hotel friends, or lovers? Next thing you know, he picks up with Cameron Diaz and people start yet another pity party for Aniston, even though, as she says, they were never lovers to begin with.
Jen, when will you learn? Why don’t you buy a private jet and a house in Georgia where you conduct all your dates (even the strictly platonic ones) way out of ear and eye shot of the paparazzi?