Former SEC Lawyer demands paternity test from LeBron James – if he’s the daddy, he wants $Millions in damages from LeBron and his mom

The triple digit heat hitting the NE has turned my brain to mush and I’m not understanding this lawsuit that has allegedly been filed by a LAWYER in Washington claiming to be the father of basketball star, LeBron James. This SOLO PRACTITIONER in D.C. filed the case pro se and he claims that he is the father of the basketball star and he wants a paternity test to prove it. The source for this preposterous lawsuit is The BLT: The Blog of Legal Times:

In a complaint filed June 23, Leicester Bryce Stovell says he has been trying to determine paternity since 2007, at one point taking a DNA test in Cleveland. He alleges that the test results were falsified and that James; his mother, Gloria James; and his attorney have prevented further attempts to settle the issue. The complaint was first reported Wednesday on the website TMZ.
The complaint(PDF) alleges that Gloria James threatened Stovell and committed fraud and misrepresentation in an effort to conceal the identity of James’ father. It also alleges that she and LeBron James have defamed Stovell’s character, quoting LeBron James as saying publicly, “I want to be a better father than mine was.”

I don’t understand. Is this guy suing his purported son? Or his purported son’s mother? Oh, wait. It’s both. He’s suing both. He’s suing for defamation, fraud and other good stuff….
Hme…I mean, if the issue is that he had a one night stand that possibly ended in a pregnancy, why wait till now to beef about it? Where was he at when LeBron was a young man, without all the acoutrements of a successful basketball career? And even if he is the father, why not be happy about it, and celebrate with his son? Why is he seeking pecuniary rewards? How has LeBron wronged this man? Isn’t it the father who has the responsibility to the son? I don’t understand.
Usually it’s the mother seeking a paternity test so that she can get child support, or the father suing so that he can have a role in the child’s life (and pay child support). This guy is suing for his support if you think about it. Lebron should be getting back-child support. Instead, if he wins this, he gets the back money, technically speaking. He wants money from his son because he is saying his son lied or committed fraud with regard to a DNA test…. And get this: LeBron’s mother Gloria was only 15 at the time when he alleges they copulated after meeting in a bar. So, technically, what do you call this? Isn’t this against the law? Is there a statute of limitations of statutory rape? Is ignorance of the victim’s age an excuse? I’m confused. I’m scratching my head. A lawyer brought this suit? This is crazy. That’s my grand conclusion. Maybe it’s just too hot and I’m not thinking straight. Sweat is running down my face as I speak. So maybe my thinking is compromised. But I am very confused about where this guy gets the balls to bring a lawsuit like this. I mean, if he is the father, like I said, he has a right to know his son. But I mean, suing his son for millions because he didn’t get to be the father? I don’t know. Is it me? Or is this a backwards concept?
Oh, that’s right. He’s pro se. Business might be slow and he figures, hey, any publicity is good publicity. It’s really hunger. He’s hungry. Other than that, I really just don’t get what he hopes to accomplish with this preposterous lawsuit.