RUSSIA: Russian “potash” billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev gets hit with divorce petition

RUSSIA First of all, before I get into the merits of this divorce, please tell Dmitry that I am single and available and eligible, sweet, kind and….well, alas I am not very sexy. Certainly I can’t compete with Russian women on that score. But what does he need that for? Sexy is over-rated. I am funny, zany, creative, um….kinda slim, smart, um…ambitious, um……and I love St. Petersburg! Love it! Did you hear that Dmitry? Been there, and love it. So I am perfect for you. You hear that Dmi???
Now. Apparently, Dmi is a “postash” billionaire.  What the heck is a potash billionaire?  I wikipedia’d it and it’s like a salt/potassium/fertilizer thingy and he made his fortune in that a few years back when Russia privatized it’s economy….he’s only 41. Still in his prime. And he is hot!
I am aghast that his wife, Yelena Rybolovleva  filed for divorce from a hottie like that. I guess money and looks isn’t everything. I guess she wasn’t happy. I wonder what he did to her that was so unforgivable? You have to watch that. Can’t ignore that just cause he’s a billionaire.
Just last year, the Rybolovlevs bought Donald Trump’s house in Palm Beach for $100 million dollars. I think that was the priciest private home sale ever in the United States. The Donald made over 100% profit on it. It was crazy.
They have a child, I’ve learned so I guess there will also be a custody battle, or at least a custody issue. But Russian divorces tend not to be so messy as those in the U.S. and even in U.K. I did a post back in….whenever, that basically compares and contrasts divorces in U.S. and Russia. You can read it here: Well, it is more like California in that it is a community property scheme and you don’t need “grounds” like you do in New York. Plus getting a divorce is really inexpensive there–especially the court fees.
Although, I read on Reuters that the Missus filed in Switzerland. And she put a lis pendens on the Palm Beach house last December. So this is an international divorce of sorts. Just the kind that intrigues me the most.
I wonder why Mrs. Rybolovlev filed? Was he cheating with a fifteen year old? Or was he slapping her when the help was out of ear shot? Or did he just call her choice names when he was intoxicated? Or what?
But he’s so cute, though. And I’m sure he doesn’t need Viagra.
UPDATE July 8, 2010: I just heard the Missus wants $5.8 billion settlement. She is quote, sick to her backteeth, endquote, or her husband’s womanizing. Allegedly. Boy or boy.
Originally published July 10, 2009