A different kind of divorce: Mel Gibson's been dropped like a brick by William Morris Endeavor

Radaronline published a recording of Mel Gibson berating his girlfriend Oksana over alleged breast implants (he wasn’t into the surgically enhanced little cuties) and he said a bunch of heinous things, including racial slurs against Black men and Latinos. Now, in light of those allegations and others, such as, he hit his girlfriend and knocked out two of her teeth, his reps at William Morris have pulled the plug on the relationship. He’s now Mr. Untouchable according to studio executives and people in the know in Hollywood. And it makes sense. Who will see his movies? He’s insulted Blacks, Jews and Hispanics. Who’s left to see his movies?
Poor, old, diabolical Mel. He’s cracked up in his old age and now, not just his ex Robyn wants a divorce. His girlfriend, his agent, his fans…I mean, how do you tell your girlfriend she looks like a “Vegas whore”? I look at his photos in recent years and I see a man in deep trouble. His face is not at peace. It is filled with devilishness and evil. It is totally cracked up. Something has pushed this once decent man over the mental cliff. There is something totally demonic about his face. I’m serious. It’s crazy. He’s gone buck starking stark raving mad and for the life of him, he has no idea what it is that is wrong with him. So he unleashed on Oksana. He was sick to his back teeth of the sight of her and he just over-reached and told her some stuff, when really, he’s the one with the problem. He’s the one who is haunted by this force of evil that he cannot control.
But then again, I should have known. I’ve always thought he had the wildest eyes.