BEL AIR: Elon Musk lets loose on Huffington Post about his divorce from Justine

Elon Musk is mad as hell and he’s not going to take it anymore. He can be found setting the record straight on Huffington Post today. Elon is miffed about all these inaccuracies about his divorce from ex wife Justine Musk, a blogger and author, and so he basically uses Huff Post as a courtroom and the reader then became the jury. It is a compelling read, almost as compelling as Justine’s blog. And frankly, now that I’ve heard his side of the story, I kinda, sorta wonder if maybe Justine might be a bit greedy to push this thing to appeal. What does she have to lose? He is paying her legal fees so she could care less. He claims that in all he offered her $80 million. He also claims there is an airtight prenup. And you know what? Absent hard proof that the prenup is invalid (example he commited fraud, failed to disclose all his assets, coerced her into signing, used duress…) I think she should take the $80 million and run.
Seriously, $80 million is serious cheese, Justine. Don’t be greedy. Take it and call it a day. The whole thing is getting slightly seedy and I don’t like it.