FLORIDA: Update on Miami's Narcy Novack divorce/murder/inheritance saga

Last year, we ran a story about millionaress Narcy Novack whose husband was mysteriously bludgeoned to death in a Westchester Hotel months after his mother’s mysterious death from a number of mysterious falls. After all that, Narcy, who previously was in divorce proceedings with said husband (prenup entitled her to about $65,000 settlement) inherited millions as his sole heir (he likewise was his mother’s sole heir so Narcy inherited his mother’s estate too).
Apparently, Narcy discovered her hubby was cheating and so, anticipating a divorce whereby she’d be left penniless, she allegedly took matters into her own hands. She nearly pulled it off. But, not so fast, Narcy. Turns out that she’s been indicted for his murder. She, along with her brother and a couple of other family members of hers. New York Post:

Federal prosecutors made those accusations yesterday as they unsealed an indictment against stripper-turned-millionaire Narcy Novack — describing her as an ice-blooded killer who plotted, joined in on, and then hoped to reap a fortune from the bludgeoning death of her wealthy husband. Novack, still surgically sultry at 53, was so cavalier in her brutality that when her spouse drew his last breath, she snatched his bracelet — which spelled his name, “B-E-N,” in diamonds — and tossed it to one of the killers as a keepsake, prosecutors charged as she was hauled into federal court in her hometown of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.¬†“She opened the door for the attackers and during the assault, went so far as to provide them with a pillow to place over her husband’s face as he was being beaten to death,” US Attorney Preet Bharara said of Novack after the indictment was unsealed in White Plains.

Wow. Speechless. I am speechless.