12 reasons to hire a divorce coach/consultant


Divorce lawyers probably make the best divorce coaches because of the breadth of their experience dealing with divorce issues, but a divorce coach is not necessarily a divorce lawyer. Here are 12 reasons to consider hiring a divorce coach.

1. They understand “divorce” both logically and scientifically and can be a sane voice in the midst of a chaotic time.
2. They know divorce judges and divorce lawyers and they can give you information about how a judge is likely to rule on a particular issue, and/or the reputation of certain lawyers that lay people may not know.
3. They usually have a pretty decent Rolodex of divorce attorneys, appraisers, psychologists and forensics accountants they can recommend
4. They can act as a a mediator who can help you and your spouse avoid costly litigation.
5. They are usually a lot cheaper than hiring a divorce lawyer in the long run if both sides are willing to work at avoiding costly litigation and work collaboratively through mediation or arbitration (think Gosselins)
6. They often know divorce law and can guide you with regard to certain issues affecting your rights as a parent and as a spouse and may be able to  pinpoint crucial case law and emerging trends.
7. They also understand the financial aspects and tax consequences of divorce and can assist you with ironing out these issues. (Some consultants are both lawyers and accountants.)
8. They are more likely than lawyers to make house calls.
9. To help you strategize to win custody of the kids and/or pets.
10. Everybody who’s anybody has hired a divorce consultant.
11. To get a third opinion with regard to advice from your hired guns like lawyers, accountants, private investigator, etc.
12. To appear savvy to your ex and his/her attorney (they may give you more respect and be more willing to settle when they know who you have on your team.)