INDIA: Rural villages invoke medieval ban on same-clan marriages; violators forced to divorce or are murdered

INDIA: Good news! Iran’s government are said to be rethinking the decision to stone a woman to death for alleged adultery. We blogged about the matter here and you can check it out if you wish…
But we turn around and yet another crazy ass story is coming out of that same region. This time, in INDIA. Well, technically, its not the same region, but it is, sort of. They look alike. 🙂
I was just over on Huff Post and I was reading about this Indian couple, Ravinder Gehlaut and Shilpa Kadiyan, who had to flee their village because villagers were plotting to murder them. And why? Because, though their marriage was appropriately arranged, it turns out that the couple are from neighboring villages and therefore the same “clan” (almost siblings metaphorically speaking) and so they were given an ultimatum by the village council: DIVORCE OR YOU WILL BE MURDERED.
Is this some crazy shit, or what?