Is the "cohabitation" contract that Oksana Grigorieva signed with Mel Gibson legal?

Mel Gibson is bat shit crazy. Listen to what the New York Post had to say about his latest “rancid rant” as recorded and published by Radaronline:

You’re trying to breast-feed with f–king foreign bodies in you?” he rages.
“Keep them if you want, they look stupid. Keep ’em if you want. Look stupid. See if I give a f–k. They look like a Vegas whore. And you go around sashaying in your tight clothes. I won’t stand for that anymore.”
In today’s tape, Gibson at one point sounds as if he’s hyperventilating as he repeats, “You don’t care, you don’t care.”
He threatens to drive over to see Grigorieva, saying, “I have plenty of energy to drive over there and I will. F–king listen to me. Listen to my f–king ranting.”
Gibson repeatedly says Grigorieva has no soul.
When she suggests that he needs medication, he says, “I need a woman not a f–king little girl with a f–king dysfunctional c–t.”

In your wildest imaginings have you ever even thought that this was stuff another person could say to someone else they are having a relationship with? As a woman, I am repelled completely. I just cannot fathom someone saying these things. Contextually, its on a whole other level. It’s like, you have to be a real grown up to absorb this stuff, and grasp this stuff and fathom this stuff and believe this stuff. It’s unbelievable. I mean, you’re telling me there are men who say these things to their mates???
That notwithstanding, what’s up with this cohabitation contract? What are they talking about? Is this a kind of civil contract thingy? I mean, if you are cohabiting, why sign a contract at all? It’s almost like signing a contract makes him more sue-able than not signing a contract. It creates issues of law and fact where normally there would be none. I mean, she’s not his wife. She is not is civil partner. They just live together for a few months. SHE’S NOT LEGALLY ENTITLED TO SQUAT. Oh, and she’s the baby mama. Well, ok. Child support. But signing a cohabitation contract makes her into a contractual partner that, in a way, is dangerous for him. Now she’s saying she signed under duress. What is this, some sort of prenup of a prenup? What is the standard of evaluation of one of those cuties? I don’t know of any precedent for this one. I’ve never heard of this one. But he may have started something here. By having a contract drawn up at all (obviously trying to protect himself from what he felt was a potential “gold-digger”) he may have created rights and obligations where normally there would be none.
There were obviously trust issues here. He didn’t trust her motives, that’s pretty clear. Wonder why? And how does a 40 year old woman get accidentally pregnant? That’s another issue. The man is bat shit crazy as I said. But he’s not stupid. Those tapes sound really bad. And if he hit her, nasty. Nasty. But could there have been some trigger that proceeded the blow up? Was he set up? How did she manage to get all this on tape? She must have known and expected him to trip. She set the stage for him. She set him up. And he sensed it. He sensed she could not be trusted. He even said that in his rant. He was right. She was taping him surreptitiously.
He’s vile. He’s nasty. He may have even committed a crime. But Oksana is not innocent. There’s a lot here that suggests a total set up. Mel may have met his match in this Russian babe with the “dysfunctional you-know-what.”
What a thing to say to a woman. OMG! OMG!