ALABAMA: How to deny responsibility for child support and get quoted from Alabama to United Kingdom

It’s been a wild last few couple of days. First of all, I’ve discovered the fountain of youth, literally and I am in the process of bottling it for sale. No, I’m very serious. ­čÖé That, plus the fact that France has banned the Burka, George Steinbrenner has died, both Mel Gibson and the IPhone 4 have imploded (Mel for his demonic rants and the IPhone for….god, I don’t know! What’s going on with that?!) Now, it’s been brought to my attention by John Lore of Family Lore in UK that an Alabama man denies responsibility for child support because, well, just check out the caption which John found from the Alabama┬áDistrict Court of Dallas County’s dockets:┬á

Enough said.