Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston announce engagement and plans to marry: countdown to divorce begin now

A case of personal ambition gone wacko
Did Bristol Palin and Levi Johnson get engaged or could I have imagined it? If they did become engaged I have one thing to say: they are drinking too much toxic tea in Alaska and they are making a big mistake that is predicated on bad judgment and political mind games. If this isn’t a publicity stunt, I don’t know what is. But I do know that a marriage between these two won’t last very long. Too much has happened. Levi has violated the trust of Bristol and her family. He has maligned and lambasted them. He has totally disrespected the Palin name and no amount of money or fame is going to change that fundamental fact. HE DISSED THEM and humiliated that girl. How can her parents allow her to marry this guy?! This is a divorce waiting to happen! Ok so he held his little press conference and said he lied about the Palins and this makes it all ok? This is “redemption and forgiveness?” No, it isn’t. This is Sarah Palin considering a run for the presidency in 2012. But it is going to backfire. Because marriage is serious business and ultimately, those two will have to be with each other for the rest of their lives and deep down, Levi has wounded Bristol to the point that she can’t even think straight and it’s going to come out eventually. She’ll wake up early one morning while he’s still asleep and she’ll look at his face (he’ll more than likely be snoring like a…) and she’ll be so disgusted with herself and her parents it won’t even be funny. She’ll be disgusted. She’ll hate herself and them. And the divorce will be one of the most nasty and protracted this country has ever seen. They’ll probably be Mel Gibsonesque audio tapes and it will be ugly. Very, very ugly.
This is a mistake. Somebody stop Bristol before she makes the biggest mistake of her life….and btw, didn’t this guy pose in Playgirl? Heavens help us.