Mel's ex wife Robyn Moore Gibson DEFENDING him on custody!

Wow. New York Post is reporting that Robyn Gibson, Mel Gibson’s recently estranged wife has filed a declaration that he is a wonderful father and was a loving husband for 30 years to her and their seven children. This following Oksana’s move to have the Passion of Christ director permanently divested of custody of his toddler daughter Lucia.
The published reports are that Mel has resumed work on his latest movie. Can you believe that? One would have thought he’d have run and permanently hid himself from civilization. But not Mel. He’s fighting back. If Oksana and the California district attorney wants to play hardball, they’ve come to the right bitch guy. He’s not playing. He’s not embarassed. He’s not sorry. He won’t lose his career because he didn’t do anything wrong. Alright? Moreover, that wasn’t even him on that tape. That whole thing is doctored. DOCTORED. Oksana and her goons doctored it. That’s gonna be Mel’s argument. Is he telling the truth?
I think partially. I think he may have said those things but not all at once. And I think she edited out what she said. Nobody fights like that. He’s full throttle and she’s calm, cool and collected? No way. I mean, come on. A man is out of control like that and he’s not in such proximity that he can bark you a slap? And he’s insulting you the way Mel was insulting Oksana? There’s no way she’s not throwing in at least a “f^%$ you!”
This was a set up. No question. I mean, the man may be a racist, misogynist, etc. But he was also set up. They laid this trap for him. Nobody, not even a bipolar psychopath goes ballistic like that without a trigger. If Oksana thinks he’s losing custody of his kid and she’s getting all these millions of dollars, she’s crazy. In this situation, his money is going to talk, big time. She does not have any money. The court is not going to order him to pay her lawyer’s fees because they were not married. She has to pay lawyers herself and she has no income. She was living off the largesse of his fortunes. His lawyers are going to prove that she doctored the tapes, she set him up and she was after his money. When they are done with her, she will beg for her own crucifixion. That’s my hunch.
The fact that his wife Robyn is coming to his defense is a big deal. For 30 years nobody’s heard of anything like this with this guy? None of his children have written a tell all book about what a sob he is? All of a sudden he’s battering a baby not even a year old? That doesn’t ring true. Something is wrong with this story.
I am against battering women. I am against all of the things Gibson said on those tapes. The racism, the total disrespect for a woman. Listening to it took a part of my innocence. When I hear some of that stuff I really wonder if I know enough about life and relationships or whether I’ve been too sheltered. But at the same time, something about Oksana is not ringing true. She is out to destroy him, not protect herself and the baby. That is my opinion. Now, maybe he deserves to be destroyed. But until I get his side of the story, I’m mum. I’m not going to draw any final conclusions about whether he should lose custody or not.
As far as cash, she’ll definitely bring a civil suit on the battering even if the DA doesn’t charge him with a criminal offense. He’ll settle the case. But she’s not getting sole custody. I don’t think so.