Could Jason Hoppy ever divorce Bethanny Frankel?

Jason Hoppy and Bethanny Frankel are super cute together. I just got through one of their re-run shows (the honeymoon in St. Barts) and I have to say, for a reality show couple, they sure look like the real thing (almost as real as Jake and Vienna looked.) I was one of those fools who thought Jake and Vienna were cute together and would actually get married and have babies and grow old in each other’s arms. Now I am tempted to say the same thing about Bethanny and Jason. What reasons would he have to ever divorce her? Well, she’s a shrink-visiting neurotic. That’s for one thing. She’s also a bit of a flasher. In the show, she seems to court any excuse to show her privates. It’s sexy now but a man can get sick of that stuff. A man can just resent other men seeing his woman like this exposed all the time. She’s much too much of a flasher. Cover yourself, Bethanny. No one wants to see your cooch.
Why else could he divorce her? Well, she could get boring and tiring. She wines an awful lot. What is her nationality?  Plus, Jason could fall for one of her assistants. Or they could have a dispute over money. How much he gets, how much she gets for doing the show.
Plus, reality shows are bad for relationships. Period. I can’t believe she put everything out there including peeing in buckets. But I do think she’s interesting. And I do wish them well. And I hope Jason never divorces her and fights her for custody of their daughter. Wonder who would win that one?