GAZA: Women banned from smoking water pipes in public…they say it leads to divorce

GAZA: The Associated Press has reported that some changes have occurred in Gaza. Seems women smoking water pipes in public is aggravating the divorce rate in Gaza and the goverment has put a stop to it:

“It is inappropriate for a woman to sit cross-legged and smoke in public. It harms the image of our people,” Ihab Ghussein, Hamas interior ministry spokesman, said in a statement released Sunday.
“Many women who smoke in public were divorced when their husbands saw them, or found out about them,” said Hamas police spokesman, Ayman Batneiji, without substantiating his claim.
The ban was handed down by plainclothes security officials who marched through a strip of popular cafes by Gaza’s seashore over the weekend, ordering owners not to serve water pipes to female customers. Image Credit