5 tell tale signs your marriage is in jeopardy of ending in divorce

Five tell tale signs that your marriage is broken

  1. Either you or your spouse feels genuine contempt for the other. This happens when you just lose respect for a person. Somewhere along the way, they failed to do something that was expected, or did something that was not expected, or said something that was not expected and respect was lost. In relationships, it is very hard to regain respect for someone after you lose it, especially if the person is either oblivious or uncaring of how you feel about the behavior that causes you to lose respect for them. Or they for you. After expectations get dashed enough times, couples can tune out from each other, grow distant and even develop disdain and contempt for the other.

2. Someone of you routinely bullies the other. Bullying behavior is scarily common in many relationships. People use all sorts of stimuli as leverage such as sex, money, speech, affection, and children to hold the power in a relationship. This type of scenario happens when there is some kind of emotional weakness in one of the partners that allows him or her to put up with controlling, inconsiderate and demeaning treatment from the spouse.
3. There is a conniver in the ranks who makes trouble for other innocent bystanders. It could be one of the two of you or a third party who wields influence and power in your marriage, like in-laws, friends and even your kids.
4. One of the couple is passive aggressive. This person seems easy going but he or she is really controlling and sarcastic and even mean to their spouse. They are manipulative and they want things their way and they usually get it their way but their tactics are not above board. They use a reverse kind of sweetness to get over on their spouse, even if it means inconveniencing their spouse or causing their spouse pain of some sort.
5. One or the other is two-faced – this person pretends to be a cheer leader in the marriage. He or she acts like happiness is a middle name. They are full of compliments and encouraging words to your face. But behind your back is another story. They bad-mouth you to friends, family and even perfect strangers. They are secretly miserably unhappy but don’t let on. They are unfulfilled and likely blame you even though it’s not your fault it is theirs. They pretend to be madly in love but chances are, as we speak they are having a clandestine affair with your best friend.