10 divorce-related businesses that can rake in $$$: Do you have what it takes?

With the global divorce rate skyrocketing off the charts as we speak, it is not totally illegitimate (though maybe a bit insensitive) to try to capitalize on the trend and make yourself some money. After all, the economic climate around the world is not that tropical and even a part time home-based gig that brings in a few extra bucks a month is good money for most people. Here are a few divorce related businesses you can try:
1. Divorce lawyer– This is obvious, though not all divorce lawyers rake in the bucks. The trick is the type of clients you attract and keep as either repeat business, or as referrers. Otherwise, don’t waste you time cause you won’t eat. You’re better off getting a job lifting boxes at UPS. Trust me.
2. Divorce financial analyst/accountant – These folks are always in demand for big money cases. If nothing else you can get gigs as an expert witness. But usually if you hook up with lawyers they can always send gigs your way. You do need to get a certificate of some sort before you do this one (financial analyst) and obviously, you need to take the CPA before you can be a divorce accountant. But you probably already knew that.
3. Law guardian/guardian ad litem – These folks are always needed to referee the situation with the kids of divorcing couples to make sure that the “best interest of the child” is known and met by the court. They make pretty good money especially if they get on the court’s list of guardians and get assignments directly from the court.
4. Divorce mediator: You don’t even have to be a lawyer to be one of these folks who act as the middle man and help the couples to “hear” each other and reach a fair settlement out of court. It doesn’t pay as well as some other jobs, but you’re not as stressed out as you could be like other folks working in the divorce field.
5. Private Investigator– These guys are needed less and less now that you have GPS, facebook and YouTube. But there’s probably always going to be a need for these folks on some level. Sometimes a person is  just not sure what’s going on and need that extra proof before they file. Nothing beats a competent private investigator who can legally get the dirt.
6. Marriage splitter -upper. Depending on where you live, you could find work as one of these beauties. In places like Japan people actually hire people to split up their marriage. These splitter uppers are poseurs and they pretend to be having an affair with one of the spouses so that there will be a basis for a divorce.
7. Divorce party planner – Divorce parties are all the rage and more and more couple on both sides of the pond are having parties after they divorce. You can capitalize on the trend by positioning yourself as an event planner for divorcing people.
8. Divorce store owner – In England, the country’s first divorce store was opened about a year back. You can definitely start one in your town where you cater to clientele who are getting divorced and need to get new stuff like kitchenware, clothing and real estate.
9. Divorce blogger – Needless to say, there are countless divorce blogs out there. This morning I googled “divorce blogs” and at least 1500 results came up. You can bet some of these sites are making money from Google AdSense and other advertising venues and you ought to consider getting in on the game.
10. Divorce consultant – Nobody ever said that you need a special license to be a divorce consultant. Frankly, if you went through a divorce yourself, and it was really ugly, you could yet be an “expert” that can impart knowledge, wisdom and information to others. Of course, if you are going to give other types of consulting services such as legal, financial or what have you, make sure you have the appropriate licenses before you act.
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