LONDON: Jennifer Aniston divorces lolavie and wears a nude dress

I just came off an ice-cream binge (ate almost a quart gallon of ice-cream today but that’s all I ate, with an orange so it’s not as bad as it probably sounds) and ended the day watching the movie, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Remember how that Brad and Angelina classic resulted in the divorce of Brad and Jennifer? I don’t think I ever forgave Angelina for this one and I am sure Jennifer never will either. And I used to love me some Angelina. But I just was never okay with what went down with that. I don’t cater to this idea that she “stole” Brad. Brad was the one with the vows. He is the one who broke his vows. But it is hard to see Angelina so happy and Jen all alone like that.
So anyway, after my last portion of rum/raison ice-cream (I’ve had so much I truly feel slightly unwell) I sat down at my laptop to troll for divorce dirt and came up on this thing in the London Daily Mail about Jennifer Aniston being in London to launch her debut fragrance which was supposed to be called Lolavie (as it was in all the marketing materials) but at the last minute this name was ditched for Aniston’s own name: Jennifer Aniston.
So her new fragrance is called, appropriately, Jennifer Aniston. She divorced Lolavie in favor of her own name. Good move? Bad move? I don’t know. Time will tell. But I sure wish people would leave her alone. One schmuck on Daily Mail comments said something to the effect that “Jennifer tries so hard but her fragrance smells like airfreshner…” I swear people are so mean. They wish they could be as successful and strong as Jennifer. I have always admired her strength under these circumstances. I could not have carried on the way Jen did after such a public break-up. But she has shown that Brad Pitt is not and was not her life. She is not “defined by that relationship.” And I for one am proud of her for that. I admire her. She is a TOUGH COOKIE. And whatever the quality of her acting, whatever you want to say about her movies, she’s certainly remained relevant long after Brad Pitt walked out of her life. She’s making big bucks and her face is still youthful (more youthful than Angelina!) and she will survive.
Go Jennifer! I am team Jennifer all the way!!!
 Ice cream, anyone?