Brad and Angelina are NOT getting divorce…you hear that News of the World?

Wow. I’m surprised by this outcome. I didn’t think Brad and Angelina would win this one but it turns out they have settled with News of the World, the British Tabloid that claimed earlier this year that they were breaking up and making plans to distribute over 300 million pounds in assets, and determine custody of their six kids. Since then, Brad and Angelina have been seen around the place looking VERY happy and VERY much together. They were recently at a premiere for Angelina’s latest flick, Salt and they were sexy as hell. Brad even shaved off his I-am-old-grey-and-bored beard and now he looks like Brad again.
The couple has asked News of the World for a retraction and apology and News of the World basically played hardball and the couple sued them. Now, News of the World will still have to apologize except now they also have to pay money.
Wow. Good for Brad and Angelina. But I still don’t think that News of the World was liable for speculating about a divorce. It’s not as if it’s libelous to say someone is breaking up. I don’t think Brad and Angelina are above getting divorced. The whole world is getting divorced these days and I’m really surprised they took that so much to heart to the point that they had to sue.