Breast Implants and divorce: Is it just Mel Gibson who despises surgically enhanced breasts?

I just got a junk email from someone at and this wiseguy was trying to sell breast augmentation surgery to me and I guess a whole bunch of other people on his contact list. Now, obviously, I don’t need breast augmentation. On the contrary. But it did get me to thinking about this thing as a blog post because, I’m sure you’ve heard the Mel Gibson tapes by now. Actually, I call it the Oksana Tapes. And in the tapes, he was ranting and raving about the fact that a) Oksana’s breasts look “stupid” and “ridiculous” and more importantly, b) that she should not be breast-feeding baby Lucia with dem things. So, I wondered, how to men really feel about fake tits? Can getting them over and above his objections lead to divorce? Below is the verbatim junk e-mail I just received in my inbox:

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So, what do you think? Do men really appreciate a woman with surgically augmented breasts? Or does it make them angry enough that they could leave you? I have heard more than one guy complain that fake breasts don’t “feel the same” as real breasts. Now, I mean, I don’t really know. I haven’t had any close encounters of the third kind with fake breasts. I don’t know what they feel like. But a couple of guys have told me they feel different than real ones. And even I wonder whether breast-feeding an infant with silicone implants lodged in the lactating glands is all that, well, green? You know? And then for the real fanatics, I wonder if a guy could just up and divorce his wife because he can’t bear to look at dem things no more.
But I will say this: fake breast do look a lot “tidier” than real breasts that sag down the rib cage. What objections could a husband have to that? Isn’t it sexier to look at perkier breasts than sagging breasts? Would this not ramp up the sex drive? What is the objection that guys like Mel Gibson have to women getting breast implants?
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