LONDON: Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky gets to first base with his divorce from wife Galena

LONDON: Decree Nisi granted for Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky and his wife Galena. Bloomberg News:

In a hearing that lasted about five minutes at the Family Court in London, a judge approved a “Decree Nisi” requested by Berezovsky’s wife of 18 years, Galina Besharova. Parties in a divorce can apply for a Decree Nisi to be converted to a full divorce after six weeks, according to the court service website.
Today’s decree didn’t decide any financial aspects of the divorce. The pair are separating because of Berezovsky’s “unreasonable behavior,” according to court papers. Berezovsky doesn’t intend to defend the divorce, and has agreed to pay all the costs of the proceedings, according to the documents.

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