Mel Gibson's domestic violence nightmare gains credence with text messages

Seems a text message has surfaced showing that Mel Gibson texted Oksana Grigorieva that day after his vile tirade, pretty much apologizing for “not being safe for you last night.” Whether that translates to “I am sorry I bopped you in the head” is up to a jury to decide, but public opinion seems to be swaying in the direction of it being an admission that Mel did in fact hit Oksana.
Sad. Sad all around. That a man on his level of success allows himself to degenerate to this. Sad for Oksana that she found herself in this situation. No one deserves to be hit all in the name of a relationship. While I still feel Oksana laid a trap for Mel with the taping of this conversation, the bottom line remains that he said these things and he probably did hit her and that is not okay. Domestic violence is not okay. It doesn’t matter who does it or what the circumstances are.
If in fact those text messages exist, it could really add fuel to the fire for Mel. He’s probably going to do some time with this one. Frankly, if he were just an ordinary Joe Schmoe, he’d do time and everybody would be fine with it. That is what he “deserves” even if this was a set up….maybe, when I think about it, Oksana had no choice but to set him up. Maybe he’s been making a career of abusing her verbally and physically and she’d had enough and this was the only way to fight back: hit him with a public humiliation and destroy his career.
Wow. I have to say, not for all the gold in Fort Knox would I want a man who said and did those things to me. I’d rather have a poor farmer, uncorrupted by money,¬†who is kind and who loves me and who treats me with gentleness and respect….wonder if Oksana went with him for the money or whether she ever loved him in the first place?