JAPAN: First lady Nobuko Kan releases disparaging book about her prime minister hubby…um, is their marriage is trouble?

Nobuko Kan, first lady of Japan, today released a book about her husband Naoto Kan, who happens to be the Prime Minister of Japan, entitled: “You are Prime Minister, So What Will Change in Japan?” According to Yahoo News, she questions her husband’s ability to rule Japan effectively and she pretty much seems to disdain his governing skills. The two have been married over 40 years. Not that that means anything. Look at Al and Tipper Gore. But at the same time, as Yahoo puts it: “The book comes as Kan struggles to revive sagging public support after his ruling party suffered a heavy defeat in upper house elections two weeks ago. That result heightened speculation he could join the conveyor belt of recent Japanese prime ministers who have tried to revive the country’s flagging economy, and been ditched in short order.”
So what is Mrs. Kan trying to accomplish with this book? Is she serious with it? Or is this a publicity stunt or even a money-making stunt or what? I mean, is this marriage coming apart at the seams? Are they in the divorce zone? Or what? Am I over-thinking this? I mean, can you imagine what the eff would happen in America if Michelle Obama did that? The tea party would just combust! The controversy would grow so big, I swear to god it would end in their divorce. Seriously.
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