BUENOS AIRES: Divorce between same-sex couples now a legal possibility in Argentina

Argentina has become the tenth country in the world (following Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, Belgium, Canada, Iceland) to allow same sex marriages. That means only one thing: there will be a corresponding increase in gay divorces in Argentina. We all know that the reason for all divorces in the world is marriage, right? So this new law won’t help the divorce rate I don’t think.
President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner signed the same-sex marriage bill into law this week but it was by a very narrow margin that the bill got passed in the first place. Until now, Argentina was seen as a somewhat conservative country. Now it goes down in history as the first country in South America to allow gay marriage. In Central America, Mexico codified gay marriage rights last year. Meanwhile, only five U.S. states currently allow gay marriages. They are mostly in New England: New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Iowa. Can you believe Argentina beat New York on this? But then again, New York is pretty conservative with regard to marriage. A no fault divorce bill hasn’t yet been signed off by Governor Patterson. That tells you a lot about how the State of New York views this tradition.
The passage of this Argentinian bill exemplifies the trend towards secularization on the region. Many pundits agree that this is a direct slap in the face for the Catholic Church which obviously fought against this bill on the basis of Judeo-Christian teachings which basically hold that homosexuality is verboten.
I am in favor of equality for gays and lesbians from a legal standpoint. I don’t think the Constitution supports a ban on same-sex marriage. At the same time, as a Christian, what does one do with the Bible? What does one make of what it says there about these types of relationships? Or should one not even think or talk about it?
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