ARIZONA: How to get a friendly divorce that even your kids will like

It seems more divorcing couples in Arizona are doing divorce right: through mediation and collaboration. This makes for a friendlier situation that benefits kids. Check out this article in the Arizona Republic that was published today. Why can’t more states follow suit? Well, you know what? I think they will. That is just the trend. This combative, adversarial model that is used today will become an anachronism in under two decades. In Canada, British Columbia to be exact, we just blogged about the fact that law makers are fixing to require couples to show they’ve tried mediation and collaboration before going to the courts. Like same-sex marriages and divorces, this new approach to heterosexual divorce will be the new way things are done in years to come and everything else will seem like something from another time when people were backwards and didn’t know any better, and therefore acted like fools.
Anyways, read this article in the Arizona Republic about the friendlier style of divorce and lawyers who are capitalizing on this trend by becoming trained mediators and collaborative attorneys instead of the adversarial pit bulls that ruin the profession for the rest of us.
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